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Little Caesars Virtual Fundraising ® Pizza Kits FAQ's

Little Caesars Pizza Kits make it EASY for you to raise money for your group or organization!

Little Caesars Virtual Fundraising FAQ

There is no minimum order. Thanks to technology, now, for the first time Little Caesars Pizza Kits are available to any group - of any size- with NO minimum order.

We recommend a total of one month for your Little Caesars online sale. The first week is to send the messages out to your group members and for them to set up their personalized seller page. The next three weeks are for selling. At the end of the sale, in about two weeks, you'll receive a check from Little Caesars with your profit.

Shipping is fast, fast - FAST with your Little Caesars virtual fundraising program. Most customers receive their order in about two days after ordering. But, we recommend telling them to expect their Pizza Kits within 7 days.

As the chairperson, you'll have exclusive access to a control panel with a live, real time view of your sale. You'll see an up to the minute total of items sold and a list of participating members with individual results. There are great tools built into the chairperson site, too. It's so easy and we have your back every step of the way.

Your supporters are going to LOVE this...each order is shipped by FedEx right to their front door. You'll get your products in a special insulated shipper plus re-usable freezer gel packs and, of course, delicious Little Caesars Pizza Kits in a giant, resealable bag. We still aren't sure how it can be done so fast for such a low price...but we aren't asking questions...just enjoying the convenience of Little Caesars Fundraising with HOME DELIVERY!

Little Caesars Pizza Kits are make at home, restaurant quality Little Caesars Pizzas. These are the most delicious frozen pizzas you'll ever enjoy. They're not "fundraiser quality"...or even "grocery store" quality. They are restaurant quality Little Caesars pizzas with the same dough, sauce and cheese found in thousands of Little Caesars restaurants. Each Little Caesars Pizza Kit contains individually packaged components packaged in a resealable zipper closure bag, ready to freeze or enjoy.

Your organization earns $6 for each item sold in a Virtual Little Caesars sale. So, well 100 items - earn $600 for your cause. There's nothing easier because your supporters will look at the Pizza Kits as a convenience and many will even re-order during your sale!

Yes it is completely online and no, there is no hassle with a delivery day or anything else associated with a traditional fundraiser. Unlike other online pizza fundraising options, the Little Caesars Pizza Kit Fundraiser is 100% virtual. You sign up (it takes about 5 minutes) and then we'll setup a chairperson dashboard. You send everything electronically to your group members. There are no forms. There is no money collection. AND - there is NO delivery day. Every time your group members are supported by friends and family, their Little Caesars Pizza Kits are packed into a special freezer box and shipped by FedEx right to the customer's home. And, thanks to the technology only Little Caesars can offer, your sale can grow and be shared again and again over the online pizza fundraising period.

Thanks to a massive investment in technology that only Little Caesars can bring to the fundraising industry, you have access to a turn-key sale portal. If you are a first time chairperson, or if this is your 10th sale, we are ready to walk you through every step of the sale. As you gather your email and contact list, you can review the chairperson tips and suggested messages. When your sale is live, you have access to an ever-growing library of Little Caesars Fundraising resources. We've done the work for you! We have pre-written messages for you at each step of the sale. You'll have access to exclusive marketing images that are just for the Virtual Little Caesars program. The chairperson dashboard is so easy to us. It even shows you your sale results in real time. You can see each seller, how many they've sold and you can even help them with individual reminders. Plus, you've got the Little Caesars Fundraising professionals at Green Top Fundraising on your team. Have a question? Send us a message or call us at 1-866-706-0789. We're here to help.

About Little Caesars Virtual Fundraising

A Little Caesars Pepperoni Pizza Kit Ready to Enjoy

The Little Caesars Virtual Fundraising program uses first in the industry technology to deliver an entirely new fundraising experience for our clients.

When you choose Little Caesars Pizza Kits for your virtual fundraising needs you will be partnered with the #1 carryout pizza restaurant in America. This is the easiest online fundraising option in the fundraising industry. Orders are processed and shipped fast – your supporters will be delighted with the quality, ease and convenience of this virtual fundraising program.

Your entire sale is done online. No more order forms, money collection or group pickup day. Every order is shipped within 2 – 5 days right to your supporter at home via FedEx. Excited yet? We bet! Download your Chairperson’s Guide for a Successful Virtual Little Caesars Fundraiser!

We are an exclusive partner with Little Caesars Fundraising. The fundraising experts from Green Top Fundraising deliver more than 20 years of experience in helping groups achieve their goals. Little Caesars Fundraising is #1 for a reason – choose to partner with our Little Caesars Pros for your virtual Little Caesars Fundraiser.

We look forward to helping your group reach your goals!