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Little Caesars Virtual Fundraising ® Pizza Kits FAQ's

Do you have a small group - 20 people or less? Then Virtual fundraising might be for you! This program does not work well for large groups.

Little Caesars Virtual Fundraising FAQ

About Little Caesars Virtual Fundraising

A Little Caesars Pepperoni Pizza Kit Ready to Enjoy

The Little Caesars Virtual Fundraising program uses first in the industry technology to deliver an entirely new fundraising experience for our clients.

When you choose Little Caesars Pizza Kits for your virtual fundraising needs you will be partnered with the #1 carryout pizza restaurant in America. This is the easiest online fundraising option in the fundraising industry. Orders are processed and shipped fast - your supporters will be delighted with the quality, ease and convenience of this virtual fundraising program.

Your entire sale is done online. No more order forms, money collection or group pickup day. Every order is shipped within 2 - 5 days right to your supporter at home via FedEx. Excited yet? We bet! Download your Chairperson's Guide for a Successful Virtual Little Caesars Fundraiser!

We are an exclusive partner with Little Caesars Fundraising. The fundraising experts from Green Top Fundraising deliver more than 20 years of experience in helping groups achieve their goals. Little Caesars Fundraising is #1 for a reason - choose to partner with our Little Caesars Pros for your virtual Little Caesars Fundraiser.

We look forward to helping your group reach your goals!