Little Caesars Pizza Kits Is America's #1 Pizza Fundraiser!

It's a better fundraiser ... any way you slice it! Find out what nearly 13,000 schools, churches, teams, leagues and other groups already know: A Little Caesars Pizza Kit Sale is not just a fundraiser ... it's dinner.

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A Better Fundraiser…Any Way You Slice It!

Little Caesars Pizza Kits Fundraising is an easy way to provide quality and value to your fundraiser. It’s not just a fundraiser…it’s dinner.

Little Caesars Pepperoni Pizza Kit


How Can One of the Biggest Brand Names in Pizza Help Your Fundraiser?

Three steps to a better fundraiser.1. Click below or Call 1-866-706-07892. Register your sale in a short conversation3. Receive your materials & start your sale in just a few days. Got questions? Here’s our Little Caesars FAQ page!

94% of Americans eat pizza on a regular basis. Each American eats about 46 slices of pizza a year. Isn’t it time your group got a piece of the pie?

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Our Little Caesars® Pizza Kit Products

The Pizza Kits Fundraiser has one of the Best Lineups Available...Anywhere! There's Something For Everyone!

Pepperoni Pizza Kits

Our most popular fundraising Pizza Kit.

Deep!Deep!™ Dish Pizza Kit

Makes Four Detroit-style Deep Dish Pizzas

Little Caesars Italian Cheese Bread®

Simply the Best Cheese Breadsticks You Will Ever Eat.

Cinnamon Loaded Crazy Bites™

This Speciality Item Makes 144 Delicious Bites!

3 Meat Treat®Pizza Kit

Pepperoni, Sausage and Bacon.

Garlic Pepperoni Pizza Kit

Deep dish crust and buttery garlic sauce

Gourmet Flatbread Trio Pizza Kit

Three ready to bake flatbread pizzas

Cheese Pizza Kit

Three 12" Little Caesars Cheese Pizzas

Thin Crust Pizza Kit

A thin crust flavor explosion

Family Meal Kit

Little Caesars Pizza, Breadsticks & Cookies

Microwave Personal Deep Dish Pizza Kit

It's not like ANY other microwave pizza! You have to try this!

Desserts that are sure to tempt & please

4 cookie flavors plus a S'Mores Pie kit from the Cookie Kitchen bakers

We'll Give You Free Pizza Kits - Worth Over $100 - If You Act Now

Have your best fundraiser....ever. Just sell 200 (or more) items on your first sale and we'll give you five FREE Little Caesars Pizza Kits on delivery day. Little Caesars Pizza Kits and the Cookie Kitchen Cookie Dough will help your fundraising reach new levels.

Our Pizza Kit Fundraising Items

We're the Biggest Because we are the Easiest. 1-866-706-0789

Value pricing. Free Materials ... even pre-scheduled delivery dates and times approved by you.
An Easy Fundraiser
An Easy Fundraiser

Your materials are free, there is no money required up-front, your delivery day is pre-scheduled and you'll get helpful, expert assistance every step of the way. A Little Caesars® Pizza Kits Fundraiser is guaranteed to be easy because everyone knows Little Caesars® – and everyone eats pizza!

Everybody Loves Pizza!
Everybody Loves Pizza!

Did you know? 94 percent of Americans eat pizza regularly...3 percent of Americans have eaten pizza in the last month...each person in America eats about 46 pizza slices a year! Everybody loves pizza!

What does Little Caesars® Mean to You?
What does Little Caesars® Mean to You?

For a busy mom it means a quick and delicious dinner. Getting together for the big game? Have a Little Caesars® in the freezer! Little Caesars® Pizza Kits Fundraising means an easy way to make big money fast with a product families know and love.

Great Value. Great Profit.
Great Value. Great Profit.

Your group will earn $6 for each item sold with Little Caesars® Pizza Kits. Your supporters and families will be love our quality, selection and price. You can't buy a better frozen pizza for any less at the grocery store...and that's rare for a fundraiser!


Green Top Fundraising and Little Caesars Pizza Kits. Call 1-866-706-0789

Quality, Value and Selection are Meaningless without Service and Dedication
Nearly 20 Years of Fundraising Experience

Nearly 20 Years of Fundraising Experience

We're dedicated to your success. As one of the country's top Little Caesars Fundraising Partners, our first job at Green Top Fundraising is to make you a fundraising superstar. Our experienced team has the knowledge to help you have an easy, profitable fundraiser.

Little Caesars®Means Quality and Value

Little Caesars®Means Quality and Value

As one of the best-known and loved brand names in Pizza, it's easy to sell Little Caesars® Pizza's not just a fundraiser - it's dinner! And, when you choose Green Top Fundraising as your Little Caesars Partner, you'll get more from your fundraiser - and you won't pay more. Our services and expertise are free to your group.

The Highest Professional Service

The Highest Professional Service

When you choose us for your Little Caesars® Fundraiser, you'll never be alone...from before your sale starts until after the last pizza has gone home, we'll help you every step of the way. Free supplies. Free order tallying. Free delivery on orders of 100 items or more. With Green Top Fundraising and Little Caesars® Pizza Kits you'll get more - but you won't pay more.

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